9-10 November 2022
The Fullerton Hotel Sydney
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At a Glance

EMBEDDED COMMERCE: Understanding and infiltrating  consumer ecosystems
Territory, shared sentiment, group identity – these are all signs of traditional community that have translated to digital spaces. For brands and retailers, these hyper-specialised and engaged online communities are a highly attractive target. So what happens when these organic sites of discovery morph into points of purchase? Commerce is condensing the customer journey, and businesses must be there to take advantage. This Session explores how you can get where you need to be.

PERSONALISED COMMERCE: Pushing the boundaries of omnichannel experience
While consumers are never truly lost, dissonance between physical and multi-platform digital experiences is a shortcoming in today’s omnichannel world. By de-siloing digital and physical sites into one interconnected, cross-channel strategy, organisations can present a seamless, creative front that resonates personally with consumers. In this Session, we’ll discuss the tangible and practical methods businesses can adopt to ensure the way consumers see them – as one unified entity, not as separate physical and online presences – is an accurate reflection of their business model.

ELEVATED COMMERCE: Lifting the veil on commerce as a creative differentiator
For years, commerce has strived to become the invisible thread connecting all aspects of the consumer’s experience. Framed as an obstacle on the path to purchase, the unabridged priority has been to remove friction in the pursuit of pure convenience. Only now are priorities beginning to shift. Together, brands, retailers and platformers are realising that commerce provides unseen opportunities to deliver novel and personalised consumer experiences. They are experimenting, and consumers are noticing. This session explores the innovative ways organisations are elevating commerce to create immersive customer experiences.

EVOLVED COMMERCE: Navigating dynamic shifts in the payments landscape
Seismic change is erupting across the payments industry. Brands and retailers must provide consumers with a raft of flexible and secure payment options to guide consumers down the last mile of the conversion funnel. This Session explores consequential developments in the payments space – from the emergence of buy-now-pay-later options to the use of smart contracts to manage trust in payments automation – so that you can embark on your own payments transformation with greater clarity and certainty.

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